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                      Classifieds FAQs

                      How many classifieds can I post to
                      There is no limit to the number of ads you can post to Our only restriction is that you cannot post the same ad more than once a week.

                      How long will my ad be online?
                      Provided that your ad does not breach our Terms of Use, it will be online for 180 days from the date of posting. At the end of this period, you can repost your ad or delete it.

                      How do I post an ad?
                      Click on “Add your listing here” in the category you want your ad to be posted. And follow the step-by-step instructions provided. After you finish posting, your ad should be online within 2 hours of publication.

                      How do I include photo in an ad?
                      Click on the “Add an image” button at the bottom of the posting page. You can submit one photo in .JPG or .gif format. You can submit only one photo each ad, and your photo must not exceed 100kb. Find the photo that you wish to upload on your computer and click “Submit”.

                      How do I edit my classified ad?
                      Open the ad you want to edit. Click on the “Edit” button beside the ad title, you will go to the ad management page, then you can edit your ad as many times as you wish.
                      Note: Once your ad has been posted, you can only edit some of the text fields - Title, description, phone number, etc. But you cannot edit the photo.

                      I have posted my ad in the wrong category. How can I correct this?
                      You cannot change the category. You will need to delete the existing ad and post a new ad in the correct category.

                      How do I delete an ad?
                      Open the ad you want to delete. Click on the “Delete” button beside the ad title, then you ad will be deleted.

                      How do I repost my ad?
                      If you wish to repost your ad before the expiry of 30 day period, you must delete your existing ad first and then repost. You may not post a particular ad more than once a week. Or else, your account on this site will be blocked, and you are not allowed to post your ad on this site anymore.

                      How often can I repost my ad?
                      You may only post a particular ad once a week. Before reposting the ad, you must delete the existing ad.
                      Caution: If you post the same ad more once in a week, your account on this site will be blocked, and you are not allowed to post your ad on this site anymore.

                      Can I post the same ad in multiple locations?
                      Each ad may only be posted in a single location.

                      How can I make sure that my ad always appears at the top of the list?
                      You cannot. We try to ensure that the probability of an ad appearing at the top of the list is the same for each advertiser.
                      Note: If you want to get more opportunities for your ad to be shown on our site, you can try our paid advertising service.

                      Policies & Guidelines

                      General Policies
                      • Anyone can use Individuals, companies and partnerships can all use
                      • No generic ads: each ad must be for a specific service or item. Generic ads will be deleted.
                      • No duplicate ads: each ad may only be posted once a week. Every time it is reposted, the existing ad must be deleted.
                      • One ad per item: do not refer to multiple items/services in the same ad.
                      • No links to other websites.
                      • Do not include email addresses in the description field: this will prevent you being spammed.
                      • No offensive or inappropriate language: ads containing offensive or inappropriate language will be deleted.
                      • Any illegal (under any applicable law) services or goods including products which encourage or facilitate their delivery or production are strictly prohibited

                      Guidelines for Effective Ad Writing
                      The most effective ads communicate a clear message to a targeted audience. Here are some tips on writing an effective ad:
                      • Be honest and factual.
                      • Describe your message clearly and accurately.
                      • Include relevant and complete information about the attributes of your item.
                      • Avoid repeated and unnecessary use of punctuation and symbols.
                      • Avoid repetition.
                      • Describe the item clearly in your title e.g. 1 bedroom Apartment near BLCU for rent.

                      Avoiding Scams & Fraud

                      personal safety tips
                      The overwhelming majority of users are trustworthy and well-intentioned.
                      With thousands of human interactions facilitated through, the incidence of violent crime has been extremely low.
                      Nevertheless, it's very important to take the same precautions online as you would offline.
                      When meeting someone for the first time, please remember to:
                      • Insist on a public meeting place like a café.
                      • Tell a friend or family member where you're going.
                      • Take your cell phone along if you have one.
                      • Consider having a friend accompany you
                      • Trust your instincts.

                      What should I do if I am harassed because of someone posting a fake or prank ad?
                      Please contact us immediately and ask to have the posting removed. Please include the ad’s title, category, and email address (if available). We take cases of abuse and harassment seriously and work closely with the relevant authorities in their pursuit of perpetrators.

                      What should I do if I suspect a fraudulent advertiser?
                      Please contact us and the relevant authorities immediately. Please quote the ad’s title, category, and email address (if available). We take cases of fraud seriously and work closely with the relevant authorities in their pursuit of perpetrators.

                      How to Detect Fake Ads
                      Be wary if you come across any of the following:
                      • A price which looks TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE
                      • Non-existent TELEPHONE numbers
                      • The address does not correspond with the City

                      How to Avoid Scams
                      • BEWARE intermediaries - they are probably not who they say they are.
                      • DO NOT pay any deposit or upfront fee – the scammer will keep this and disappear and you won’t receive your goods
                      • DO NOT give out financial information – account number, social security number etc.
                      • DO NOT trust people who repeatedly don’t answer phone calls.
                      • IS NEVER INVOLVED IN A TRANSACTION.
                      We do not handle payments, or provide seller certification, etc.


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