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                Beijing Youth Politics College
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                Beijing Youth Politics College (BJYPC) is a public school of higer education with a long history of more than 50 years. The former Chinese president Deng Xiaoping personally inscribed the name of the college. Many state leaders have studied here: Li Ruihuan was the former chairman of the CPPCC (the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference) and Ni Zhifu was the former vice chairman of NPC (the National People's Congress). 

                The college has two campuses at Wangjing and Jinzhan. It has more than 4000 full-time students at present and more than 6000 international students, night students, advanced occupational self-teaching students and correspondence students. It offers more than 20 specialties: Language, Law, Art, Computer Application, Management, Education etc.. BJYPC also offers many forms of adult education programs as well as Chinese language teaching to international students.  

                The College attaches great importance to international dialogue and cooperation and works with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) and other educational institutions in scores of countries and regions, including Canada , the USA , Germany , the UK , France , Australia , South Korea , Japan , Vietnam , Singapore , Malaysia , Hong Kong and Macau . In addition, the College and educational institutions in Canada cooperate in running Beijing Telfort Business Institute. Telfort has launched a professional education program, including both degree and non-degree adult education programs. These programs typically run six years. Specialties include Electronic Commerce, International Commerce, and Industrial /Commercial Management.




                The Chinese Language Education Center for Foreigners (CLECF) at the China Youth University for Political Sciences (CYUPS) is responsible for recruiting international students or scholars to CYUPS's non-degree and degree study programs. The CLECF handles the process of advertisement, consultation and enrolment and is in charge of offering the related courses, registration and student services as well. The CLECF provides various training programs related to Chinese language for the potential corporations and individuals. The language training programs include Elementary Chinese program, special combined courses associated with Chinese economy, culture, market and trade.

                Chinese language teaching in our college has the following features:

                Small classes —more opportunity to practice in limited time; Multiple courses—meet various needs of students,supply individual teaching(one teacher one student teaching model)

                Professional teachers – with rich teaching experience & researching ability; Free time—you can find a time that suits you best

                Whole term consulting—professional consultant provides all possible aids; Incentive system—students with excellent academic record can apply for scholarship.

                The CLECF strives to provide excellent environment for Chinese learning and manages the courses flexibly to meet the student’s needs. The faculty and staff, professionally trained and well experienced, are eager to provide services and expertise to foreigners willing to study Chinese and understand Chinese culture. The colorful sightseeing and field studies are carried out regularly, which enables the students to enjoy the Chinese culture and enhance language skills practically outside of classroom.




                Course arrangements

                According to the disciplines of Chinese education, the courses are given to small groups of students, no more than 18 for each group.

                Two elementary Chinese language programs available: short-term and one-year-length. With short-term program, all the courses are compulsory. The courses are designed in three categories: character recognition, listening and speaking, analytic reading. Besides the compulsory language courses, the tutorial assistances are made available in the afternoons to complement course learning. No less than 18 class hours are provided each week. Each semester is composed of 18 to 20 weeks.

                Completion and Certificate
                After passing the examinations, the CLECF issues students the Certificate of Completion and then the student may register for HSK test (Chinese Proficiency Test). The students having studied for one year at the CYUPS and failed in HSK Band 6 may be allowed to continue studying with no tuition on basis of adequate class attendance records.

                Enrolment and Schooling Schedule

                The one-semester-long program starts in the fall and spring.
                Fall semester: enrollment is completed before October 20, and the schooling runs from September 1 to January 15 of next year. Spring semester: enrollment is completed before February 20, and the schooling runs from March 1 to July 15.

                To attend the one-semester-long program, the participants must register for at least one semester. Right after registration process, the participants take the placement test and are divided into elementary, intermediate and advanced classes according to their Chinese language levels.

                The short-term program runs around the year and its length is normally within two months. Individual students may join in at any time in between the program’s course. The test is required in order to place the students in a certain level program. The group enrolment (no less than 10) is accepted at any time and its schooling may vary from 2 weeks to 2 months.




                團 體 班:成團參加可以隨時聯系開班(需10人以上),學習時間兩周至二個月不等。

                Adds: Foreign Affairs Office, cyups, 25 Xisanhuan Beilu, Beijing, China, 100089
                Tel: 86-10-88567101

                地址: 北京海淀區西三環北路25號,中國青年政治學院 100089

                電話: 86-10-88567101


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