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                Beijing Normal University
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                Beijing Normal University (BNU) has a history of more than 100 years, which is almost as long as the history of Chinese modern education. The University has developed from the Faculty of Education, Capital Metropolitan University established in 1902 under the concept of Establish school, prioritize teacher education,which initiated teacher training in Chinese higher education. After several times of merging and reforming since 1949, especially in the 1980s, Beijing Normal University has moved into the new age of rapid development. The University’s history is an epitome of the development of modern teacher training and Chinese higher education.

                Beijing Normal University lays great emphasis on exchange and cooperation with educational institutions nationally, regionally and internationally, making every endeavor to pursue the global prestige. 

                Throughout its development in more than one hundred years, Beijing Normal University has always been developing along the route of self-improvement. It has never stopped the efforts in deepening the educational reform and has steadily raised the level and quality of education. In addition, BNU has attached great importance to academic development and shaped herself into a moderately-scoped, reasonably-structured, diversified and comprehensive university. BNU is committed to the development of research, increasing research funding rapidly and achieving a number of high level research outcomes.



                The Chinese Language & Culture College of Beijing Normal University is founded on the basis of the Chinese Teaching Center (1965—1996) and the College for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (1996—2000). The college has nearly 40 years of experience teaching Chinese as a second language.

                As Beijing Normal University's important gateway to the world, the Chinese Language & Culture College shoulders the responsibility of teaching foreign students (including undergraduate students, long-term students and short-term students) coming to China to study Chinese language and culture. The college also fosters the native and foreign post-graduate students majoring in linguistics and applied linguistics and/or Chinese language and character study. In addition, the university provides training for teachers teaching Chinese as a second language and also promotes research in this field. The college is a comprehensive teaching and research institute, admitting more than 1,000 foreign students every year.



                The college has a well-structured placement system. New students take placement exams that help assign them to classes of different levels according to their Chinese proficiency. Students who have very different developments in their oral and reading abilities may choose courses across grades accordingly. After dividing the students into different classes, the students have 2 weeks to attend their courses and decide if they are suitable. Students studying Chinese in the college for 6 months or more will be put into the classes of the 4-year undergraduate system. For example, they will be placed in classes numbered 100 to 402. 100 is the preparatory class for students who have not learned Chinese before. 101 and 402 represent the first semester of the first grade and the second semester of the fourth grade respectively. Students of different classes but of the same level have the same teaching materials, keep the same pace of teaching progress and take the same examination. Before each semester ends, students can evaluate their teacher's teaching. The undergraduate students take courses based on the credit system.

                The courses can be divided into the following 3 types: courses on language skills, linguistics, and Chinese literature and culture. Some of the courses are compulsory and some are optional. Language skills courses include reading, oral class, listening comprehension, newspaper and magazine reading, etc.; linguistics courses mainly include modern Chinese, ancient Chinese and language theory; Chinese literature and culture courses mainly include Chinese modern literature, Chinese society and customs, etc. The college also offers business Chinese and executive Chinese for diplomats and businessmen working in China . Students may also take electives such as HSK preparation, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese painting and Wushu.

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