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                Guangxi University
                Colleges and Universities

                Guangxi University was established in October 1928. Dr.Ma Junwu, a celebrated scientist and educator, is the first president. Many eminent professors such as Li Siguang, Wang Li, Liu Xianzhou, Chen Yingke, Li Da, Chen Wangdao,Zhang Tiesheng, Zhang Zhirang and Chen Huanyong have been invited to teach in the university.

                The university is in Nanning, the capital city of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Located in charming subtropical scenery, the campus covers an area of 307 hectares with a building area of 1,202,600 square meters. The university has a library collection of over2.52 million volumes, a store of equipment worth 292 million Yuan, 2 national key disciplines, 5 key disciplines of the 211 project, 2 key laboratories of the ministerial level, 2 key experimental centers of the provincial level, 16 provincial key disciplines, 1 demonstration base for teaching and research of modern agriculture technique, 1 national key laboratory base of ministerial and provincial level, 61 research institutes or centers and 67 university and college laboratories. Now it has 20 colleges and one department : College of Public Management, College of Commerce, College of Laws, College of Culture and Mass Communication, College of Foreign Languages, College of Physics Science, College of Math and Information Science, College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, College of Food and Light Industries, College of Resources and Environment, College of Mechanical Engineering, College of Electric Engineering, College of Computer Science and Information Engineering, College of Civil Engineering, College of Agriculture, College of Forestry, College of Animal Science and Technology, College of Continuing Education, College of Adult Education, Sino-Canadian International College and Department of Physical Education. It is now playing a very important role in the regional economy and social development. 

                The university has a staff of 3,722, of whom 1,824 are full-time teachers, 53 are supervisors of doctoral students, 261 are professors and 535 associate professors; 5 members from the university are honored as national experts of outstanding contribution, 1 is honored as outstanding technician of national level. More than 160 prominent scholars and scientists from home and abroad have been invited as honorary professors or visiting scholars. Among them the most famous are Dr.Yang Zhenning, a Nobel Prize winner, and Pan Jiazheng, academician and vice-president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

                Guangxi University offers70 undergraduate programs, 80 graduate programs (including M.B.A. program and M.E program) and 6 doctoral programs. The present enrollment of 24,205 students include 181 doctoral candidates, 4,145 master's degrees candidates, 19,879 undergraduates. In addition, there are 20,361 students for vocation training . 

                1928 年,廣西大學在廣西梧州市創辦,首任校長是我國著名教育家、科學家馬君武博士。 1939 年被確認為國立大學。 1952 年,毛澤東主席親筆題寫了校名。 1953 年,廣西大學在全國高校院系調整中被停辦,師資、設備和圖書資料分別被調整到中南和華南的 19 所大學。 1958 年,經國務院批準,廣西大學恢復重建。 1997 年,原廣西大學與原廣西農學院合并,組建新的廣西大學。 1999 年,廣西大學成為國家“211 工程”項目建設學校; 2004 年,廣西大學被批準為國家教育部和廣西壯族自治區共建高校。 2005 年,廣西大學在國家教育部本科教學工作水平評估中獲得優秀。

                廣西大學現設有 27 個學院, 1 個體育教學部,學科涵蓋了哲、經、法、文、理、工、農、管、教等九大學科門類。 有 93 個本科專業, 18 個一級學科碩士點, 188 個二級學科碩士點, 1 個一級學科博士點, 10 個二級學科博士點, 3 個博士后科研流動站 ?,F有在校全日制本科學生 21551 人,碩士研究生 6001 人,博士研究生 308 人,留學生 545 人,成人教育學生 25803 人。另還設有 1 個獨立學院—行健文理學院,有 30 個專業,學生 7247 人。 

                The International Exchange Department is in charge of foreign students affairs at the university. Under the department are the Foreign Student Office and the Chinese Language and Culture Center (CLCC). The CLCC offers language and culture programs to meet the needs of the foreign students with different interests, such as the Chinese preparatory program for undergraduate and Master’s candidates and the advanced Chinese language and culture programs for those who wish to further polish their Chinese skills. There are dormitories specifically offered to foreign students to guarantee a safe, beautiful and quiet learning and living environment. Students may choose to rent single room or double room which is shared by two, equipped with private bathroom. The rent is relatively inexpensive.

                The courses of Chinese Language and Chinese Culture offered by the CLCC are classified into two categories: compulsory and elective. The compulsory courses for Chinese Language include reading and writing, reading comprehension, composition writing, listening comprehension, speaking and examination preparation for HSK (Chinese Proficiency Test). The compulsory courses for Chinese Culture include Chinese culture, Chinese magazine and newspaper, and China survey. Elective courses include Computer, Chinese cooking, Chinese economy, Taiji, and Chinese calligraphy and painting. 

                Address:  International Office
                               13, Xiuling Road,Guangxi University
                               Nanning,Guangxi 530005

                Tel:   86-771-3235228 (3238191)
                Fax:  86-771-3237734

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