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                Hefei University of Technology
                Colleges and Universities

                Hefei University of Technology, one of the key universities in China, is directly under the Ministry of Education. It is situated in Hefei, the capital of Anhui Province, which is also known as a green city and as an important base of science and education in China. From 2005, the University is supported by the government under the State 211 Project.

                Now the University has 17 schools and departments, 46 research institutes and several key disciplinary areas. It also has provided a unique plan--Changjiang Scholars Award Program to invite those famous professors at home and abroad to work here.

                Up to now there are five centers for post-doctoral studies. The University is authorized to confer doctor degrees in 32 disciplines, master's in 93 disciplines and bachelor's in 63 disciplines. 

                To sum up, the University is characterized by the following features: a wide coverage of subjects, a combination of diverse disciplines, and an emphasis on engineering. The university has a history of 61 years. With the passage of time and its development, it has not only created a fine tradition of learning and harmonious atmosphere throughout the campus, but also constructed and developed its own unique campus landscape.






                • The School of Instrument Science and Opto-electronic Engineering
                • Test & Control Technology and Instrument
                • Optic Information Science & Technology
                • School of Machinery and Automobile Engineering
                • Machine Design & Manufacture & Its Automation
                • Industry Design
                • Transportation Engineering
                • Heat Energy and Power Engineering
                • Industrial Engineering
                • Process Equipment & Control Engineering
                • Vehicles Engineering
                • School of Material Science and Engineering
                • Materials Physics
                • Metal Materials Engineering
                • Inorganic Non-metallic Materials Engineering
                • School of Electric Engineering and Automation
                • Automation
                • Electric Engineering and its Automation
                • Biomedicine Engineering
                • School of Computer and Information
                • Computer Science & Technology
                • Electronic Information Engineering
                • Communications Engineering
                • Electronic Information Science & Technology
                • Network & Information Security
                • School of Biotechnology and Food Engineering
                • Bioengineering
                • Food Science and Engineering
                • Biotechnology
                • Agricultural Mechanization & Automation
                • School of Chemical Engineering
                • Macromolecule Material and Engineering
                • Chemical Engineering and Process
                • Pharmacy Engineering
                • Applied Chemistry
                • School of Civil Engineering
                • Civil Engineering
                • Water Supply & Drainage Engineering
                • Water Conservancy & Hydraulic Power Engineering
                • Architectural Environment & Equipment Engineering
                • School of Architecture and Arts
                • Architecture
                • Arts Design
                • Urban Planning
                • School of Resources and Environment
                • Environment Engineering
                • Exploration Technology & Engineering
                • Resources Exploration Engineering
                • Geographic Information System
                • School of Management
                • Information Management & System
                • Accounting
                • Business Management
                • Tourism Management
                • Labour and Social Security
                • Electronic Commerce
                • School of Sciences
                • Electronic Science & Technology
                • Applied Physics
                • Science of Information & Computation
                • Microelectronics
                • Applied Mathematics
                • School of Humanities
                • Political Education of Ideology
                • Economics
                • International Economy & Trade
                • Finance
                • Advertisement
                • English
                • Community Work
                • Law

                Tuition Standards: (RMB/Yuan)

                Degree/Course Yearly Tuition (RMB) Registry Fee (RMB)
                Undergraduate Degree Students 18,000 300
                Master’s Degree Students 22,000
                Doctoral Degree Students 26,000
                General Visiting Students 1,350/Per Month
                Senior Visiting Studentss 1,700/Per Month
                Students for Chinese Language Studies 1,000/Per Month

                Academic Calendars

                For Diploma / Degree student--- File applications from April to June every year and register in early September.
                For Language Student--- Register on arrival

                International Office

                Hefei University of Technology
                No. 193, Tunxi Road
                Hefei, Anhui
                P. R. China
                Tel: 86-551-2901076
                Fax: 86-551-2904410
                Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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