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                The Second Military Medical University
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                The Second Military Medical University (SMMU), formerly the People's Medical College of the East China Military Commanding Region, was founded in September 1949, and named in July 1951. Now it is the CPLA key institution of higher learning for training graduates and the key university supported by the state "Project 211".

                The SMMU is composed of five major leading bodies: the Training Department, the Political Department, the School Affairs Department, the Scientific Research Department and the Graduate School; twelve subordinate establishments: the Department of Basic Medical Sciences, the Department of Naval Medicine, the School of Pharmacy, the Department of Health & Hygiene Services, the Department of Nursing Science, the Department of Foreign Training, the Graduates Management Brigade, the Cadet Brigade,Changhai Hospital,Changzheng Hospital, Hepatobiliary Eastern Hosptial and Nanjing School of Military Medicine.

                There are over 10 specialities or disciplinary orientations covering the full spectrum of clinical medicine, naval clinical medicine, pharmacy, nursing science, anesthesiology, public utility management, psychiatry and mental health, medical laboratory technology, medical laboratory testing and medical imaging technology.It is the unique medicine training base of overseas students, The University has a professional staff of over 10,000, including 776 holding full senior professional titles, two members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, four members on the Discipline Evaluation Team of the State Council, 13 young and mid-aged national prestigious experts,104 foreign visiting professors,28 members undertaking the director of international scholarship organization,245 experts enjoying the state special allowance, 377 Master graduate tutors and 134 Ph.D. graduate tutors. There are over 5,800 graduating students including 371 graduates for Ph.D. and 744 for M.D. 

                The University possesses 5 post-doctoral mobile stations covering biology, basic medical sciences, clinical medicine, public health and preventive medicine, and pharmacy; 3 Grade I and 45 Grade II and III branches of learning entitled to offering Ph.D. degree; 7 key subjects of "Project 211" including physiology, medical genetics, nautical medicine, hepatobiliary surgery, cardiothoracic surgery, field surgery, and pharmaceutical chemistry; 3 CPLA key branches of learning and laboratories for training medical graduates; 5 key branches of learning as leading medical specialties in Shanghai; 5 CPLA medical research institutes; 10 CPLA special medical centers; and 9 CPLA key medical laboratories.



                Departments of Basic Medical Sciences
                Department of Athletics Science
                Department of Mathematics and Physics
                Department of Chemistry
                Department of Foreign Language
                Department of Cell Biology
                Department of Anthropotomy
                Department of Organ Embryology
                Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
                Department of Physiology
                Department of Microbiology
                Department of Immunology
                Department of Pathogeny Biology
                Department of Pathology Biology
                Department of Pharmacology
                Department of Health Toxicology
                Department of Nerve Biology
                Department of Medicine Genetics
                Department of Computer

                Department of Naval Medicine
                Department of Navigation Medicine
                Department of Military Hygienics
                Department of Chemical-defence Medicine
                Department of Atomic-defence Medicine
                Irradiation Center of Atomic-defence Medicine
                High Voltage Oxygen Medicine Center
                School of Pharmacy
                Department of Inorganic Chemistry
                Department of Organic Chemistry
                Department of Medicament Chemistry
                Department of Natural Medicament Chemistry
                Department of Medicament Analytics
                Department of Pharmacology
                Department of Pharmacy
                Department of Biopharmacology
                Department of Medicament Business Management
                Department of Biochemical Pharmacology
                the Testing Center of Medicament Analysis

                Department of Health & Hygiene Services
                Department of Hygiene statistics
                Department of Epidemiology
                Department of Hygiene business management
                Department of Health & Hygiene Services
                Department of Strategics
                Department of Nursing Science
                Department of Basic Nursing Science
                Department of Emergency Nursing Science
                Department of Psychology
                Department of Clinic Nursing Science
                CPLA Nursing Magazine
                Department of Foreign Training
                Graduates Management Brigade
                Cadet Brigade
                Nanjing School of Military Medicine
                Affiliated Hospitals
                Changhai Hospital
                Changzheng Hospital
                Hepatobiliary Eastern Hosptial


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