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                Top 10 Lucky Symbols in Chinese
                Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                Chinese characters usually have one or more meanings and some of them are particularly loved by Chinese people. Here is the top ten list of the lucky ones. Please note Pinyin is also used here, which is the Chinese spelling system for the characters. For example, fu is the pinyin for good luck in Chinese. But fu is only the phonic part of the character and it also represents other Chinese characters that sound the same.

                1.) Fu - Blessing, Good Fortune, Good Luck
                Fu is one of the most popular Chinese characters used in Chinese New Year. It is often posted upside down on the front door of a house or an apartment. The upside down fu means good luck came since the character for upsite down in Chinese sounds the same as the character for came.

                2.) Lu - Prosperity
                It used to mean official's salary in feudal China. Fengshui is believed to be the Chinese way to health, wealth and happiness. If you are interested in Fengshui, you may check out the book 'The Feng Shui Kit.'

                3.) Shou - Longevity
                Shou also means life, age or birthday.

                4.) Xi - Happiness
                Double happiness is usually posted everywhere on Chinese weddings.

                5.) Cai - wealth, money
                Chinese often say money can make a ghost turn a millstone. It is to say money really can do a lot of things.

                6.) He - harmonious
                'People harmony' is an important part of Chinese culture. When you have harmonious relations with others, things will be a lot easier for you.

                7.) Ai - love, affection
                Don't need to say any more about this one. Just want to point out ai is often used with 'mianzi' (面子)together. Aimianzi means 'be concerned about one's face-saving.'

                8.) Mei - beautiful, pretty
                The United States of American is called Mei Guo(美國) in the short form.Guo(國) means country so Meiguo is a good name.

                9.) Ji - lucky, auspicious, propitious
                Hope all is well.

                10.) De - virtue, moral
                De means virtue, moral, heart, mind, and kindness, etc. It is also used in the name for Germany, i.e., De Guo(德國).


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