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                      Driver's License Renewal
                      Legal Related

                      altI. Conditions

                      (1) 90 days before the driver's license expires

                      (2) Driver's license has not been put in a suspended, canceled or revoked state

                      II. Required documentation

                      (1) Driver's license application form.
                      (2) Applicant and, if applicable, authorized agent's original identification document.
                      (3) Original Health examination certificate issued by hospital of county level?or above.?Applicants of 71 years old and people with bad left lower limb who are applying for renewal must submit a health certificate issued by the hospitals appointed by municipal bureau of medical care.
                      (4) Original driver's license (Applicants should?submit a translated version if it is not in Chinese).
                      (5)?Three 1-inch color photos with a white background.

                      III. Processing time

                      Within one business day after the application has been received

                      IV. Others
                      (1) The applicant should apply to renew the license issued by Beijing Motor Vehicle Administration within 90 days before its expiration. A license with a 10 year effective period will be given to those whose penalty points are less than 12? in each of the past six years. A long-term driver's license will be issued to those whose penalty points will be less than 12 in each of the coming 10 years.

                      (2) Inspection of the driver's license will be done at the same time when renewing the license. Inspected items include: license holder's health condition and accumulated points. An applicant whose accumulated point total has exceeded the maximum allowable will have his/her license revoked in accordance with the 'Road Traffic Safety Violation and Punishment Regulations' (Public Security Department, Order No.69, article No. 11).

                      (3) An applicant?of 60 years old?or above, or an applicant who has a license to drive large-size passenger vehicles, tractor, buses, mid-size passenger vehicle, large-size freight vehicles and trolleys must get a physical health examination once a year and submit health certificate issued by hospital of county level or above within 15 days following the end date of a annual period for recording license penalty points (one period is 12 months, beginning from the initial date of issue on the license).


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