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                Home Travel in Sichuan Luding Bridge
                Luding Bridge

                   Luding Bridge
                Luding Bridge
                (lú dìng qiáo 瀘定橋) is located in Ganzi Zang Autonomous Prefecture (gān zī cáng zú zì zhì zhōu 甘孜藏族自治州) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). It was originally built in 1705 during the Reign of Emperor Kangxi (kāng xī dì 康熙帝) in Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝), and completed in 1706. It became famous after the Long March (cháng zhēng 長征).

                Luding BridgeLuding Bridge is 103 meters long, 3 meters wide, fixed by 13 iron chains on the two banks. 9 chains are on the bottom, and 4 used as the handrail. The iron chains weights more than 40 tons, with 12164 iron hoops. The bridgeheads on both ends of the bridge are wooden, which are unique in China. As early as in the Qing Dynasty, the bridge was an important passage for people to get to Tibet, and military garrison.

                Luding BridgeIn 1984, the 50th anniversary of the Red Army (hóng jūn 紅軍) dashing through Luding Bridge, people in Luding built the monument. The monument was made up the main body, the bronze statue, and the base. The monument is 30.35 meters high, casted by concrete. In March 1985, Deng Xiaoping (dèng xiǎo píng 鄧小平) inscribed the monument. On the flat in front of the monument, there is a bronze statue of the soldiers. One is shooting and one is dropping a bomb.

                Near the Luding Bridge, there is a museum in which exhibits the picture, document and the Monument paintings by famous calligraphors.

                Luding Bridge
                Location: Luding County, Ganzi Zang Autonomous Prefecture, Sichuan Province
                Admission fee: CNY 5
                Opening hours: all day
                Transportation: there are many buses can take you to Luding