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                Longquan Lake

                          Longquan Lake
                Longquan Lake
                (lóng quán hú 龍泉湖) is located in the Longquan Mountain (lóng quán shān 龍泉山) on the west Jianyang City (jiǎn yáng shì 簡陽市) of Sichuan Province (sì chuān shěng 四川省). The scenic area is centered around the Shipan Reservoir (shí pán shuǐ kù 石盤水庫) and a small island, including the Shijing Temple (shí jīng sì 石經寺), covering an area of more than 51 square kilometers.

                Longquan LakeLongquan Lake is in a todpole shape. The mists and waves of the body stretch far into the distance, with a 5880 meters long tail. On both bank of the lake, odd rocks and gorgeous peaks are erecting high to the sky. With green trees, clean water, mallards, and the fish, the lake is much more attractive. In spring and summer, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. While in autumn and winter, the lake is in the mist.

                There are more than 14 islands in the lake, all are in different shapes. The charming Taohua Stream (táo huā xī 桃花溪), tranquil Change Island (cháng é dǎo 嫦娥島), the delicate Taohua Island (táo huā dǎo 桃花島) and the elegant Orchid Island (lán huā dǎo 蘭花島) attract lots of tourists.

                Longquan LakeNot far from the lake, there is the Shijing Temple. It was built in the Ming Dynasty (míng dài 明代), originally named as Tiancheng Temple (tiān chéng sì 天成寺). In the Qing Dynasty (qīng cháo 清朝), its name was changed into Shijing. The Heavenly King’s Hall and the Great Buddha’s Hall are well preserved, resplendent and magnificent.

                Longquan Lake

                Location: Shipan Town (shí pán zhèn 石盤鎮), Jianyang City
                Admission fee: free
                Opening hours: all day
                Tranportation: you can take bus No. 14, 37, 39 at Shuangqiaozi Stop (shuāng qiáo zǐ zhàn 雙橋子站) in Jianyang City