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                      Special Food in Ningxia
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                      Yinchuan (yín chuān 銀川) is the capital city of northwest China's Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region (níng xià huí zú zì zhì qū 寧夏回族自治區). The local cuisine features Muslin characteristics but still carries the advantages of Chinese cooking. The mouth-filling flavor can be found in meat dishes, pastries, appetizers and main courses. Here, we'll taste the delicacies in Yinchuan and satisfy your craving for delicious food.

                      KaoyangpaiTalking about Yinchuan gourmet food, we first have to mention Ningxia (níng xià 寧夏) mutton. The unique natural conditions in the dry and warm area have made local water and grass full of minerals. A special breed of sheep called Mudflat Sheep grazes on this special grass, and as a result is tender, refined and odor-free. The mutton is now exported in large quantity to many Islamic countries in the Middle East.
                      YangroujuanThe most alluring of Yinchuan delicacies is mutton cooked under various culinary methods. The most famous is perhaps haggis, a bowl of sliced mutton, vermicelli and diced Chinese pancake soaked in hot broth with chopped chilies and scallion. The savory soup, tender meat, spicy flavor and low price are listed as the main reasons for its popularity among tourists and local people. It's believed that about one fifth of the people in Yinchuan have haggis for breakfast.
                      The main ingredients of haggis come from the many parts of a sheep such as the head, liver, gut and blood. The dish is popular not only for its taste but also its medicinal value as a natural tonic. For example, sheep's liver can improve eyesight and is good for the brain.
                       Yangza Shuizhuyangrou
                      So, if you want to personally experience the taste of a haggis, the tenderness of quick-fried lamb and the crispness of Youxiang (yōu xiāng 幽香), come to Yinchuan and enjoy it all. More Yinchuan delicacies here await you.