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                      Jiuxiang Scenic Region
                      Travel in Yunnan


                      Jiuxiang Scenic Region (jiǔ xiāng fēng jǐng qū 九鄉風景區) is located in Jiuxiang Yi and Hui Autonomous Township of Yiliang County (yí liáng xiàn jiǔ xiāng yí zú huí zú xiāng 宜良縣九鄉彝族回族鄉) 90 km away from Kunming (kūn míng 昆明) and 22 kilometers north of the Stone Forest (shí lín 石林). In Yunnan Province it is a well-equipped comprehensive scenic region which is famous for its caves, mountains, rivers, deep valleys, minority customs and cultures. It has a mild climate all the year round. Its temperature is similar to Kunming's and the average temperature throughout the year is 14.6°C.

                      Jiuxiang is praised as the "Home of Karst caves". Altogether, there are "only" 100 caves in the area, the local saying goes, "If one spent his entire life counting the caves in Jiuxiang he may not finish the job". Among the caves are numerous natural bridges, valleys, rivers and waterfalls, making up an almost fantasy like subterranean world.

                      jiuxiang2The karst caves in Juxiang were formed over a long period of time by the intermittent movement of the earth's crust. This movement created the 'pre-history wonders' found in the area. These wonders include a variety of hydrological and geological phenomena such as ancient micro-biological fossils, curved stones, caves with whirlpools inside, stereoscopic caves, and multi-layered caves. Among these natural marvels are some of the rarest and unique features of their kind in China or the world.

                      The caves are not only ideal tourist attractions, but are also valuable for scientific studies and in-cave adventure activities. It is not surprising that Jiuxiang is praised by experts as the "Mysterious Heritage of the Earth".

                      With a total area of about 200 square kilometers, Juxiang Scenic Region consists of five major scenic spots: Diehong Bridge (dié hóng qiáo 疊虹橋), the Sanjiao Cave (sān jiǎo dòng 三腳洞), the Dasha Dam (dà shā bà 大沙壩), the Alulong (ā lù lóng 阿路龍) and the Mingyue Lake (míng yuè hú 明月湖).

                      Among them, the most outstanding and beautiful is Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot. Diehong Bridge Scenic Spot is located in the southeast of Jiuxiang Streer which is 5 km away. The whole journey is about four kilometers long and the time needed is three hours. It includes six major scenic spots and some beautiful scenes introduced following.

                      jiuxiang3The Green Shady Gorge

                      Flanked by lofty cliffs, the Green Shady Gorge (yīn cuì xiá 蔭翠峽) is about 600 meters long. When boating in the emerald gorge, you will be greeted by the lush vegetation on the cliffs. It is a tranquil resort to enjoy before your exploring into the cave begins. The Green Shady Valley is also called "Lover Valley" (qíng rén gǔ 情人谷) by the local Yis (yí zú 彝族).

                      The Terrifying Gorge

                      Being 700 meters long, the Terrifying Gorge (jīnɡ hún xiá 驚魂峽) is the most spectacular underground gorge ever discovered in China. It is flanked by steep precipices. The depth (from the entrance to the bottom of the gorge) is 100 meters and narrowest place is stunningly 3-4 meters. Walking inside the gorge, one will be definitely terrified.

                      The Male Lion Hall

                      Covering 15,000 square meters, the Male Lion Hall (xiónɡ shī tīn 雄獅大廳) has been the largest underground hall in the world.

                      jiuxiang4The Fairy Palace

                      The Fairy Palace (shén nǚ ɡōnɡ 神女宮) is a representative of the Karst underground sceneries. Its stalactites look like fairies that are in postures of cuddling, lying, sitting, reclining, dancing in the heaven palace. It will make you feel that you are just in the fairyland.

                      The Twin Waterfalls

                      jiuxiang5Cascading their water down from 30-meter-high precipice, The Twin Waterfalls (cí xiónɡ fēi pù 雌雄飛瀑) side by side plunge into the gorge. The two thunderous and magnificent waterfalls make people believe that they are two lovers in deep love; so they are also referred to as “Ci Xiong Fei Pu” (cí xiónɡ fēi pù 雌雄飛瀑) which means “the Female and Male Waterfalls”.

                      The Fairy Land (The Sacred Terraces)

                      Covering over 100 square meters, the Fairy Land Area (shén tián 神田) is as high as 10 meters. Distributing in a grandiose manner, it is rare in the world and has been deemed “the Number One” of its kind in the world.

                      Linyin Village

                      Linying Village
                      (lín yīn zhài 林蔭寨) is hidden in the depth of Jiuxiang Cave (100 m underground). Sights of the Yi culture can be found in the village such as Mizhi Bush and Chieftains Castle etc. The village is the manifestation of the purity and simplicity of the Yi People passed down from their forefathers.

                      The Bat Cave

                      The Bat Cave (biān fú dòng 蝙蝠洞) is impressive for its stalactites. Locally called “reverse stone forest” (dǎo shí lín 倒石林), these stalactites are leaning irregularly, exhibiting various gradients. As a matter of fact, this phenomena results from the air current in the cave. The locals in Jiuxng have a saying that the stones are crooked by the wind, which could be called a wonder there.

                      jiuxiang6Jiuxiang Cable Car

                      When you finish your tour in the cave, you will go back to the entrance by Cable Car. About 1 km long, the Cable Car will give your comfortable ride over the luxuriant vegetation; during the ride you also get chance to overlook the site for Ape-man Ruins at Zhangkou Cave (zhāng kǒu dòng 張口洞). The ticket of Cable Car is 30 yuan.

                      Jiuxiang, Yiliang County, 90 kilometers from Kunming.
                      Tel: 0871-7511998
                      Opening Hours: 8:30-17:30
                      Transportation: Take the bus from Yiliang to Jiuxiang.
                      Admission Fee: CNY 90 for adults and CNY 60 for children and students.
                      (1) It would be best to wear sports shoes and take enough clothes.
                      (2) Hotels available in Yiliang or Jiuxiang; you also can go back to Kunming the same day;
                      (3) Food: restaurants available at near the entrance to the scenic area; Yiliang Roast Duck, Wild mushroom, Fetta (Goat Cheese) and Dried Beef etc;
                      (4) Shopping: Embroideries of the Yi Minority; other cute handicrafts;
                      (5) Nearby: Stone Forest; Yanquan Scenic Area; Villages on the way to Jiuxiang.