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                      How to Register Your Dog in Beijing
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                      All dogs in Beijing have to be registered with a local public security bureau. (The municipal government has no specific regulations regarding keeping other types of pets.) In order to register your dog in Beijing you must do the following:
                      How to Bring Your Pets From Abroad
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                      You can bring pets to China as long as you can prove that they are vaccinated and healthy.

                      You are allowed to bring pets to China as long as you can prove that they are vaccinated and
                       healthy. In theory, you need to have a Z (resident) visa to bring in your pet. There should be only one pet per Z visa holder (so if you have two cats, for example, make sure that one is registered in the husband's name and one in the wife's). From personal experience, we know that it is possible to waive this requirement by using an
                      agent in the case of a family with two pets and only one Z visa holder (the employee) at
                      the time of entry.
                      How Can I Stay in China Permanently
                      Legal Related

                      Applying for Permanent Residence in China is a way for you to live in
                      the country on a long-term basis. In order to qualify for permanent residence status, you must fill at least one of the following criteria:

                      I. Be a high-level foreign expert holding a post that promotes China's economic, scientific, and technological development, or social progress.

                      II. Have made outstanding contributions of special importance to China

                      III. Have made a large direct investment of over US$ 500,000 in China

                      IV. Have come to China to be with your family, such as spouse, dependent minors, or senior citizens.

                      How to apply for a Chinese driver's license in Shanghai?
                      Legal Related

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                      If you are over 18 and have a valid driver's license?of another country then you will most likely only need to complete a written (computerized) test to obtain a 6 year Chinese driver's license for a minimal fee.
                      You should go to the Shanghai Driver's Licensing Centre
                      Address: No. 179, Qinchun Road, Minhang District.
                      Office hours: 9:00 a.m. - 5:30?p.m. on Monday-Thursday;?
                      ?????????????????? 9:00?a.m. - 4:00?p.m. on Friday
                      Tel: 021-64987070

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