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                Procedures for foreigners working in China
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                Foreigners who want to work in China should first get in touch with a valid Chinese employer who has an employment license for foreigners issued by related labour administrative bureaus.

                Foreigners with permission to work in China should apply for
                employment visas at the Chinese embassies.

                Employers of foreigners should get employment permits for their
                foreign employees within 15 days after their entry into China by  providing related documents.

                Foreign employees who have received their employment permit should, within 30 days after their entry, apply for a residence permit from local public security bureaus. The term of validity of the residence certificate may be determined in accordance with that of the Employment Permit.

                Chinese employers and their foreign employees should conclude a contract in line with law. The term of the contract should within five years and such a contract can be renewed.

                The employment permit of the employed foreigners shall cease to be effective upon the expiration of the term of the labour contract between the foreigner and employer
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