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                Work & Business in China
                Beijing International Schools and Kindergartens
                Work & Business

                This free listing of International Schools in Beijing is provided as a service and is not
                necessarily an endorsement of any one particular school. Please note that the
                descriptions have been provided by the schools. We recommend that you do your
                homework and visit a number of these seats of academic excellence prior to making your choice. We can organise the transportation and an itinerary for you. Please feel free to
                follow the links directly to some of the international schools in Beijing. The listing is in alphabetical order.

                Registering a Representative
                Work & Business

                There are three main recognized forms of business organizations in China open to foreign companies:-
                Joint Venture (JV)
                Wholly Foreign-Owned Enterprise (WFOE)
                Representative Office (Rep. Office)

                Application for Residence Permit by Foreign Journalists
                Work & Business
                Foreign journalists working in Beijing should hold Visa "J-1 "(journalist) to enter China and apply for, within 30 days of entry, residence permit to the Division of Exit-Entry Administration of Beijing Public Security Bureau. The residence permit shall be valid for no more than 1 year within the validity period of the passport.
                Employment in Beijing
                Work & Business

                Procedure for Employment in Beijing

                Employment of foreigners in Beijing refers to the act of those who have not obtained the right of permanent residenc, work and receive remunerations for their work in accordance with law within the Chinese territory.

                Those foreigners who have not obtained residence permits (holders of F, L, C and G visas), and those who are studying or having a internship in China, and dependents of foreigners holding a working visa should
                 not have illegal employment in China. In special circumstances, the foreigner who is to be employed should have his visa status changed with the public security bureau by his
                employer and apply for Foreigners' Employment Permit and Residence Permit before employment.

                Teach in China
                Work & Business
                I'm not a native English speaker. Can I teach English in China?

                Native English speakers are preferred but not required as long as
                you have a good command of the English language and do not
                have much of a foreign accent. There are many teachers in
                China who were not born in but educated in English speaking
                countries with not much of a foreign accent. There are many ESL/EFL teachers in China who did not educate in English speaking countries but have taught very well.
                Doing business in China
                Work & Business

                Business cards
                If someone hands you a business card, always take it with
                two hands.
                If you hand a business card to someone, make sure the
                writing faces the person to whom you are giving the card.
                Do not immediately put the business card away in your coat
                or wallet, keep it visible and in your hand.
                If you are seated at a table, keep the business card face up
                on the table.

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