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                Daily Figurative Slangs (68)
                Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese

                Chinese slangs

                Can’t bear.

                【發音】chī bù xiāo

                ??????????? Be unable to stand (exertion, fatigue, etc.)

                ?????????? A full-time job may be too much for her.

                ?????????? The pain is more than I can stand.

                One-Month-Old Birthday and One-Year-Old Catch
                Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                ??? One-Year-Old Catch
                One-Month-Old Birthday

                The One-Month-Old Birthday (mǎn yuè 滿月) is a universal custom practiced by all ethnic groups of China. In a family where a baby is born, they will prepare several tables of feast on the baby's One-Month-Old Birthday and invite their friends and relatives to a ceremony to celebrate the occasion. In a traditional one-month-old ceremony, there will be a rejoicing and festive atmosphere in the family and the feast is supposed to be lively and joyful. Normally those joining the feast will bring some gift or a red envelope to show their regard.

                The Four Books and Five Classics
                Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                ConfucianismThe Four Books (sì shū 四書) refer to The Analects of Confucius (lún yǔ 論語), The Mencius (mèng zǐ 孟子), The Great Learning (dà xué 大學) and The Doctrine of the Golden Mean (zhōng yōng 中庸). The former two are collections of sayings and teachings of Confucius (kǒng zǐ 孔子) and Mencius (mèng zǐ 孟子) as well as sayings of their disciples while the latter two are chapters in The Classic of Rites (lǐ jì 禮記). Chu His (zhū xī 朱熹), a famous scholar of the Southern Song Dynasty (nán sòng 南宋), held that The Four Books together outlined the basic system of Confucian thoughts (rú jiā sī xiǎng 儒家思想) and constituted a better introduction to the complicated materials in the Classics (jīng diǎn 經典), thus selecting these four texts from Classics and put them together as the Four Books.

                Local Operas
                Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                   Warriors of the Yang Clan aka
                Chinese opera is an art with a long history and unique characteristics. Due to the vast land and various nationalities of China, there are various local operas besides Beijing Opera (jīng jù 京劇). Local opera (dì fāng xì 地方戲) in China is the opera which is popular in a certain region and with local characteristics. There are more than 300 types of local operas in China, among which Yuju Opera (yù jù 豫劇), Pingju Opera (píng jù 評劇), Yue Opera (yuè jù 越劇), Huangmei Opera (huáng méi xì 黃梅戲), Guangdong Opera (yuè jù 粵劇), Chaoju Opera (cháo jù 潮劇) are enjoyed great popularity.

                The Five Constant Virtues of China
                Learn Chinese - History and Culture

                the five constant virtues

                Owning over thousands of years of history, the Chinese have created a brilliant history and culture, and at the same time have formed their own moral code that has played an important role in social development and progress. This is what we call Traditional Virtues (chuán tǒng měi dé 傳統美德), which still have great significance today and whose value to the development of human civilization is now widely recognized.

                Daily Figurative Slangs (67)
                Learn Chinese - Practical Chinese

                Chinese slangs

                Get more than one bargained for.

                【發音】chī bù liǎo dōu zhe zǒu

                ??????????? This phrase means that one would land himself in serious trouble if he enrages someone else.

                ?????????? If you let this leak out, I'll make you sorry for it!

                ?????????? Since he has made such a?big trouble, he will certainly bear all the consequence.

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