Services of Shenzhen Pengxin Car Rental

                Services of Shenzhen Pengxin Car Rental
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                Tel: 0755-8243 3866
                Address: Qing'an Aviation Building, Baguansi Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen 


                Shenzhen Pengxin Car Rental Co., Ltd focus on provide the car rental services, which includes: commercial car renting, exhibition transport and conference transport.

                Commercial Car Renting: The driver is familiar with the traffic and with good driving skills to ensure to offer you a safe and convenient service. It should be rented at least half of the day.

                Conference Transport: It may arrange the car as the conference scale; all the types of car are available.

                Travel Transport: 10 to 50 seats, Jinbei, Kinglong and Coaster travel car, guide and translation services are available.

                Long-Term Car Rental: Provides safe, comfort and convenient service.

                Airport Transport: Provides punctual, tidy and high quality service.

                Regular Transport: Arrange the reasonable transport route to ensure the punctual arrival.

                Self-driver: Provides jetta, Santana and other medium or lower level type of car.

                Car Rental: In case of the long-term renting of customer, we may buy the new car.

                Shorthand service: Provide synchronous, high efficiency and accurate shorthand service of conference and court.

                Driver acting: Provides excellent driver to acquaint the route. 

                Commercial Review: Provides all-round service, hotel reservation-airport


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